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Introducing Dabble and Chit Chat

Wendy McCown-Williams

Time to Introduce our newest Liquid Velvet Lipsticks that dry matte.  Since NUDES have been my most popular shades (Mentor, Nearly Naked, and Unbutton), I introduce you to Chit Chat which is a Soft Blush Nude Mauve compared to UNBUTTON which is a Medium Warm/ Toasted Tan Nude. 

I also am so happy to introduce DABBLE which is a Stunning Bold Orange Based Red.  Of course if you are a red fan you probably already have BETTY BOO (Classic Cherry Red).  I love the pin-up era so I must have several variations of RED in my collection and so will you.


Check out our Velvet Liquid Lipsticks Here

Info about our Liquid Velvet Lip


  • velvet creamy liquid lipstick
  • lightweight and longwear
  • highly pigmented
  • dries to matte
  • will not feather







Orders, Orders and Orders!

Wendy McCown-Williams

As most who follow me on Facebook and watch my Facebook lives know I run a bar and work Thursday-Sunday nights till about 4am and then get home and prepare for the next day.  Reason telling you this as the facebook live sales have been so amazing and honestly caught me off guard LOL.  I want to thank those waiting on orders and want you to know that I am getting caught up and NOT being lazy at all.  In order to have a great relationship with anyone, especially in business, I believe HONESTY is so important.  I never thought in a million years my Independent business would take off therefore I was not properly stocked to ship as fast as I want but know I am on it and SO excited for the blessings you all have bestowed on me and my company.

If you placed an order before the 17th they will ship tomorrow the 24th and any orders that were placed after 17th then I will be shipping around 31st :).  Some have said these aren't long delays but I wanted to keep you all in the loop :)



Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Wendy McCown-Williams

Let me Introduce myself and tell you a little about who I am.  My name is Wendy McCown and I am a 43 year-old Transgendered woman living in Cookeville, TN.  I have been in love with makeup for as long as I can remember.  In the mid 90's I saw my first Drag show and Trans person which changed my life.  Growing up feeling "different" and having no references due to it being the 90s made it hard on me.  I quickly fell in love with the art of drag and it's entertainment value and how makeup not only made me feel feminine and creative.  

In 1999 I began my transition and starting working full-time as a Showgirl in Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia etc.  After a few years living in Florida I started doing Pageants and chose doing drag as a job, and of course with this I was able to observe and work on my makeup craft.  I feel that makeup is always changing and there is always something to learn with new techniques and products evolving.

Fast Forward to 20 years later and I am still in love with performing and actually own a LGBT bar in Cookeville, TN called the RoadHouse.  A year ago I was approached about having my own makeup line and I became involved with that process.  I love makeup and being on stage and with the popularity of RuPauls Drag Race I noticed more people were intrigued by drag makeup therefore I wanted to have colors and products that not only could be used on stage but for women and men of every profession.

Over the past few months I was watching my drag niece, Amaya Sexton, on facebook live and became intrigued.  She was gracious one day during my live to share it and now weeks later I am blessed getting to know and chat with people from all over the world, who are there to hang out, talk makeup, or ask questions about me being Trans.  These people who have never met me or heard of me till recently  have shown me so much love and support I had to say THANK YOU.  As a single Trans woman working hard on this home business it is humbling to be able to share a little of my life and introduce you to my makeup.  Each time I go live your purchases are appreciated beyond what you could understand.

I am doing everything myself from the website, ordering, promoting, shipping, etc so bare with me as I get better pictures of our products and work on updating the website.  I am always open to suggestions and feedback and HOPE you will continue to be part of my hectic life.



Instagram:  TsWendyWilliams

Twitter:  PaintedByWendy